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Position on Russian market strengthened

On 1 February 2014 Van Hees GmbH (Walluf, Germany) took over the Russian company Eurospice Technology in Moscow and has also optimised sales. According to its own reports, the company is now in an outstanding strategic position in Russia.

Russia is already one of the largest markets for Van Hees outside of Germany. The company is represented there with two brands: the Van Hees brand, which is produced in Walluf and sold in Russia via four sales partners, and the Troka brand, which is produced in France and sold in Russia via the agency RNT. Located in the north of the Russian capital, Eurospice Technology is a production company for spices and additives that also operates a fully equipped technical centre. On 1 February 2014 Van Hees took over the production, technical centre and “Eurospice” trademark rights. The agency RNT was purchased by a Russian sales partner and will be exclusively selling products from the Van Hees Group.

Eurospice Technology has an annual capacity of more than 1,500 metric tons. The plant exclusively produces additives for the domestic market. These additives are sold in the product range of the Troka brand as well as under the Eurospice brand. The company plans to expand both product lines with new, market-driven products. This will be achieved in close cooperation with the sales partner, who has taken over the complete RNT staff and is therefore able to guarantee the necessary continuity with existing customers.

According to Jürgen Georg ­Hüniken, Chairman of the Board of Van Hees, the high quality standards of the production facilities and technical centre represented a decisive factor in the Group’s decision to purchase the company.

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