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Portioning or slicing

Actually, the Treif Puma is a portion cutter. But it also has a slicing function and thus provides the option of making sliced meats. This has saved the Gilde Frisch-Markt Rhein-Ruhr e.G. an immense amount of time - and employees highly value the machine’s ease of handling.

Over 100 different artisanal quality sausage types are produced and sold by the meat department of Gilde Frisch-Markt Rhein-Ruhr e.G. in Essen. Since the company began using the Puma cutting machine, it can now offer sliced sausage.

Until purchase of the Puma about one year ago, the company only offered whole sausages - not sliced meats. All pieces of meat were portioned by hand, which required an enormous amount of time and energy. But the company does produce up to two tons of meat and sausage products daily. Its assortment includes fresh meat from the region as well as international meat specialties such as US beef, Argentinean beef fillet, roast beef and thinly sliced fillet, dry aged beef from Ireland, lamb from New Zealand and pork from the Iberian peninsula. In addition, the company produces on demand, i.e. specific customer recipes exclusively for these customers. Butcher shops, gastronomy, large cafeterias, institutions with canteens and retailers all purchase from this “cash-and-carry” market.

“The Puma saves us a great deal of time. Above all, we can offer much more uniform portions. This means uniform cooking times for our customers as well as more calculation security,” says production head Andreas Nieendick. The Gilde Frisch-Markt likes being able to package its sliced wares shingled in trays or to slice its sausages. And the Puma can be used for the company’s complete assortment of sliced meat products - from mortadella to head cheese.

The machine’s other applications include cutting and portioning pork belly slices, salmon steaks, cutlets and pork neck steaks. The Gilde Frisch-Markt sees itself as a service-provider that also gladly portions customized products based on client desires.

The machine uses a sickle-shaped blade that is directly coupled with a gear motor so that nearly 100 percent of the motor power can be used during the cutting process. This explains the Puma’s high performance. When gripping the meat, the product holder distinguishes between meat and bone for optimal product fixation.

In Essen, the electronic variant of the machine is used, the so-called Puma EB. In addition to the slicer function, this also provides the option of separating the product in several areas and results in slices with nearly the same weight. This in turn enables the Gilde Frisch-Markt to cut up to 400 kg per hour of such products as pork neck, each with a portioned weight of from 170-180 g. The residual piece solution ensures that the product is cut in same-size slices down to the last piece, which is saved as a complete piece.

Employees in Gilde Frisch-Markt’s meat department are very happy with how the machine handles. “It is simple and uncomplicated to operate; the knife can be changed very quickly and is easy to clean. The Puma’s protective features ensure absolute safety,” production head Nieendick adds. The company has by no means exhausted all of the Puma’s options but intends to change this, particularly because it wants to respond even more individually to customer wishes in the future. This would be a further important step in the history of the company, which began in 1934 with foundation as a commercial association of butchers based in Essen and the surrounding area.

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