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Pivoting cooker and mixer

Alco-food-machines (Bad Iburg, Germany) now presents the HotCook-Swing pivoting cooker and mixer. Based on its HotCook system, which has proven itself especially in the meat- and vegetable-processing industry, the pivoting HotCook Swing system is likewise suitable for simmering, roasting and cooling the most varied products, depending on the features chosen.

This extremely flexible system achieves a product quality that is nearly “home-made”, according to the company. It can also be tipped in order to empty, taste or separate foods. The manufacturer says that the special benefits of the HotCook Swing can be seen in the production of ready-to-eat menus when frequent product changes are needed as well as the production of special, high-quality products.

Products are heated using heatable pans and steam injection and gently mixed by the alco double shaft mixer with scrapers. The double shaft mixer system offers special advantages in contrast to conventional cooking kettles due to optimized mixing and temperature distribution over a greater heating area, according to the manufacturer. The HotCook Swing is available in the sizes 350 l, 500 l, 750 l and 1,000 l.

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