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Phosphate-free boiling sausage production with no compromises

Boiling sausages are the most consumed meat product across Europe. The best known include Vienna sausages and frankfurters, mortadella, bologna, Lyon sausage and Bavarian meat loaf. For the production of boiling sausages, raw whole-muscle meat and fat from beef and/or pork are finely minced together with water, quality additives, nitrite pickling salt and spices in a cutter. Cutter processing aids are used during the mincing process to positively influence the properties of the filling that is produced.

Under the brand names Meistermix, Perfektin and Wurstquick, the Moguntia Food Group has a range of liquid and granulated cutter processing aids based on phosphate. Using the BINDUS technology, the family-managed group of companies also offers an established procedure for phosphate-free production of boiling sausages.

The optimally coordinated combination of active ingredients in the BINDUS series produces boiling sausages that do not contain ingredients that must be declared such as stabilisers and allergens and largely omits the use of additives.

The BINDUS technology function is based on specific control of the pH. It enables meat that is not freshly slaughtered to be returned to warm meat status and thus achieve optimal water-holding capacity.What is important is to follow the recipe and the correct temperature during cutting. Unlike a phosphate filling, the filling achieved with BINDUS is short and compact. The cutter endpoint temperature should be 12 °C maximum. The phosphate-free BINDUS technology provides all the desirable properties that are responsible for an attractive appearance and outstanding processing, according to the company. The final product cannot be distinguished from a conventionally produced boiling sausage and is actually even more impressive thanks to a heartier meat flavour, according to the manufacturer.

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