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Perfect hygiene is a must

Absolute cleanliness is an important quality feature in the meat-producing industry. Die Fleischerei presents products and solutions that offer the market offers for helping butchers ensure perfect hygiene.

Bacteria, germs and viruses are always lurking in the background. Rinse-water, for example, contains a high concentration of bacteria. But even installations such as floor drainage and gutters present a high contamination risk. When cleaning and removing odor traps, millions of bacteria can enter your production rooms, for example, via unprotected access to sewage pipes.

The Food Hygiene Ordinance and HACCP concept require companies to set up internal company control systems that guarantee the cleanliness of buildings and premises, rooms, equipment and machines as well as warehouses and transportation equipment in order to ensure food safety. Cleaning and disinfection of production equipment and working tools as well as sales rooms is thus an absolute must. Special hygiene equipment and professional cleaning and disinfection agents help in the necessary daily hygiene routines.

Conny Salzgeber

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