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Perfect hygiene convinces

Not only in times of corona: For meat-processing companies, compliance with the strict EU hygiene regulations is more than just a tiresome obligation – perfect cleaning, disinfection or even pest control are virtually their calling card. For inspectors and customers, food safety is king.

The complex food safety requirements have long encompassed the entire production cycle. Access to sausage production areas is only possible after passing through a hygiene sluice that includes boot washing. Clean work clothes and gloves are required to prevent cross-contamination. In addition to cleaning services, daily cleaning of grinders and fillers as well as regular checks for cockroaches, rodents and other pests are stipulated for shops and company premises.

State-of-the-art technology provides support for the companies in all these areas, for example, meat processing machines made of stainless steel in Hygienic Design. HD makes it more difficult for dirt, bacteria, and germs to adhere and also simplifies cleaning. High- and low-pressure cleaning equipment plus disinfection and washing systems for the company premises are also part of the package. Environmentally friendly surface disinfection can be carried out with steam suction systems; air, on the other hand, can be disinfected with UV light systems. From foam cleaners to suction sweepers to flying insect traps, company owners must ensure hygiene while heeding factors such as low detergent and energy consumption and the sparing use of chemical pollutants.

In the following article, Die Flei­scherei presents cleaning devices and systems from different suppliers that can help companies meet HACCP requirements.

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