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Fessmann (Winnenden, Germany) presents its new CLIMA.LiNE systems. The new version of the established Fessmann climate control systems has been specifically developed for artisanal businesses and optimised for mixed loads. The special feature of these systems is the combination of maturation and smoking processes.

With the CLIMA.LiNE M KEW for maturation and climate development processes as well as the CLIMA.LiNE D KNR for climatic maturation and drying processes, the smoking experts presented two new system types for different processes steps at IFFA. “During the development phase for the CLIMA.LiNE we focussed on the needs of modern artisanal businesses,” said Managing Director Uli Fessmann. “Emphasis was therefore placed on the suitability of the machines for mixed loads, connection to our smart solutions for process control and monitoring as well as the ability to combine with all smoke generators in the Ratio family.”

Using a special system that guides air to the side walls of the system, CLIMA.LiNE is suitable for parallel processing of several products. Arranged like louvres, adjustable air guidance panels ensure that all products are treated uniformly – even for mixed loads made up of hanging and lying products. The special bypass unit in the aggregate of the system ensures that the operation of the CLIMA.LiNE is very energy efficient, even for longer processes.

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