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Perfect, continual cutting

In addition to hygiene, meat producers pay particular attention to emulsification speed during the cutting process. For one thing, this affects the time taken; for another, it affects the fineness of the emulsion. This article discusses additional decisive features of cutter-mixers.

The foundation of modern sausage production is an emulsion of the highest fineness, the perfect cohesion and a high degree of protein development. Meat processing quality depends especially on the uniform characteristics of fine particle reduction, mixing and emulsification. The cutting process during the industrial production of emulsions for boiling, raw and cooked sausages must be optimal in order to achieve a homogeneous mass of the desired consistency. This means that the knife rotation speed as well as the bowl speed must be precisely coordinated with each other. Only when this is the case can the meat structure be altered as desired and water and fat bound together. Simultaneously, other functions ensure that the meat emulsion is not over-cut or becomes too warm.

The vacuum technology often used in industrial cutters prevents oxidation processes, because the meat does not come into contact with oxygen. The resulting improvement in color also lengthens the appearance of freshness in the produced sausage products. Vacuum technology, however, places high requirements on the construction of cutter-mixers because the low pressure created in the cutting chamber places extremely high stress on the cover and housing.

The variety of sausage products has led to the demand for cutter-mixers that can produce both large and small batches with the same consistent quality - even in industrial manufacturing. Removable baffle plates and the variable cutting room they enable offer users the flexibility to adapt the cutter to the material being processed.

Cutter-mixer manufacturers also concentrate on constructing solid machines that run smoothly and with little vibration because such machines are used by large meat-producing companies virtually around the clock. Simple maintenance and cleaning of cutter-mixers is taken for granted. The most important performance characteristic is cutting speed. But throughput per hour and container capacity as well as durable knife systems and infinitely variable drives are also important criteria when purchasing a new cutter.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents current cutter-mixers for industrial use.

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