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Perfect clipping at high speeds

Thomas Riedel founded his company, Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Thomas Riedel GmbH, in 2000. Since mid-2009, the company’s headquarters have been located in Wildeshausen, Germany, a good 20 km southwest of Bremen. For some time now, Thomas Riedel has used the Poly-clip System FCA 3430 automatic double-clipper and ES 5000 labeling system.

On average, around 35 employees work in production and management of the Thomas Riedel GmbH company in Wildeshausen, Germany, whose site has 5,000 m2. Founder and owner Thomas Riedel is a master butcher and also has degrees as a freight traffic professional and graduate in business administration. His responsibilities in the company include product development, purchasing and sales. The most important buyers of the company’s meat and sausage products are food retailers and the wholesale gastronomy industry. In addition to hotel chains, Riedel also supplies products to large cruise liners.

Riedel’s most popular products include its “fresh onion-ground pork” sausage, which was one of the main reasons that the company purchased the FCA 3430 automatic double-clipper.

Highly versatile

“The automatic double-clipper is the optimal choice for everything we acquired it for,” says a very convinced Thomas Riedel. The FCA 3430 closes all fibrous and collagen casings with calibers from 24 to 65 mm and plastic casings with calibers up to 90 mm – at up to 200 cycles per minute. In combination with the ES 5000 labeling system, Riedel can meet the precise needs of customers. The labeling system enables not only unmistakable product labeling but also exact batch tracing if necessary. Labels are printed with specific information and layouts using the ES 5000 thermo-transfer printer. It uses inks that are friction- and boiling-resistant, meaning that the image cannot smear. The manufacturer, Poly-clip System, offers many optional components for the FCA 3430 to customize it for individual production needs: automatic looper, string dispenser and casing end switch all the way to length portioning device that function using a photo-cell.

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