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Packaging with opening aids

If you want to offer something new, you have to differentiate yourself and produce efficiently. Vermee (Remagen, Germany) offers individual solutions for pumpable products, including hot, cold and partially frozen viscous product masses.

For example, the Chub System compact production line packages boiled sausage in organic quality with PVDC-free flat film and cost-effective round wire – continuously, weight-accurately, and in high quantities. Practically designed, the end product has an opening aid for easier handling.

For this purpose, a flap welding unit is integrated in the Chub system. It places the flaps synchronously to the sausage length. As an integrated component, the PLC control enables simple handling with low personnel deployment. Each new product has low unit costs. The overall solution also considers the issue of the thermal post-treatment needed to meet the high demands on food safety and shelf life.

The same applies to the treatment of fresh bratwurst. With the help of Avure HPP technology, the fresh product is treated at a pressure of about 6,000 bar. This ensures that the unique taste experience is retained, and a much longer shelf life achieved.

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