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Optimum raw sausage treatment

For two generations, Sorgo Anlagenbau (Klagenfurt, Austria) has been developing and producing high-tech systems for smoking, heating and cooling food. According to the company, its systems are ideally suited for maturing, drying, smoking, cooking, roasting and intensive cooling of meat, poultry, fish and cheese products.

To produce naturally ripened products like salami with edible mold or raw ham – smoked or air-dried – the company offers highly coordinated solutions.

The ripening lines are equipped for optimal ripening of air-dried specialties, from the salting phase to completion. Climatic cold smoking and maturing systems are available for any production quantity. Applied climate-ripening systems in conjunction with enthalpy utilization improve product fermentation. In addition, they enable weight-dependent ripening at the touch of a button. According to the manufacturer, this leads to more product safety and ­value.

The climatic pre-drying/cold smoke and ripening systems are organized as either 2-way or 4-way systems, depending on treatment criteria – especially in the case of air-dried wares. In addition, Sorgo equips all its systems with a state-of-the-art 12.1-inch touchscreen. Process control systems with extensive visualization options and batch traceability create the best conditions for easily complying with all HACCP requirements. The company’s range of smoke generators rely on friction smoke, wood chips, sawdust or steam smoke. In particular, Sorgo’s friction smoke generators have long established themselves on the market and convince users with their high smoking performance and low environmental impact. The treatment room is quickly filled with smoke because the smoke is generated as soon as pressure is applied to the wood used for friction.

A competent and experienced team of master butchers and technologists provides support, advice and assistance to ensure customer satisfaction.

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