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Optimum knife-machine interaction

Treif Maschinenbau (Oberlahr, Germany) guarantees optimum interaction between the knife and cutting machine through its own knife production and manufacture of the Nanoblade knife. The company presents the new Divider startup as an entry-level variant in the slicing sector. As a mobile stand-alone solution, it complements the established Treif Slicer machine portfolio, which continues to be offered as a line component with a high degree of automation. The Divider startup cleverly combines optimized handling through intuitive operation, proven Treif cutting technology and hygienic design.

The compact Felix dicer and strip cutter opens up a wide range of cutting and rasping possibilities. The spacious cutting chamber enables comfortable feed without any precutting. Meat, sausage, bacon and ham can be cut just as easily as vegetables, cheese, fruit or fish.

Performance and precision are the hallmarks of the Puma portion cutter, which can cut up to 400 pieces per minute. This applies to chops, steaks, schnitzel, pork belly, bacon or meat cheese in fresh, chilled or frozen down to –4 °C, among other things. The flexible portion cutter handles this great range of products with the shortest possible set-up times. Like numerous machine components, the discharge belt can also be brought into the optimum cleaning position without any effort. The new touchscreen ensures easy operation. Data can be saved, and software updates fed in via USB stick.

Parallel slices and a high yield are enabled by a perfect grip of the product – even bone-in products. Depending on the model, products with lengths of up to 700 or 1,100 mm can be inserted. Thanks to the product division into several areas, both minute steaks and pieces of roast meat can be cut from one product.

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