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One-handed marking

Marking finished packages with the jetStamp 1025 from Reiner (Furtwangen, Germany) is child’s play. The mobile inkjet printer is suitable for marking plastic packaging, cartons or pallets.

The advantages of the jetStamp 1025 are its mobility and clear print image. Wireless and thanks to powerful batteries, the mobile marking device can be integrated at the desired point in the production chain. It works reliably even in cool and humid working environments. The specially developed and smudge-proof Reiner MP ink produces a consistent print image on different materials. Two colors – black for light, yellow for dark surfaces – ensure good legibility.

The print data is created in Word, Excel, the PCset graphic program supplied with the system, or with common ERP systems and then transferred directly to the mobile inkjet printer. This allows the generation of company-specific, individual print images. All the necessary data, from sales designation to filling quantity, MHD and origin data, can be clearly and legibly integrated. Graphics, continuous bar codes or QR codes can also be printed. The data is then applied to the desired location with just one motion – quickly and cleanly.

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