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No disinfection, no access

Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik (Unna, Germany) offers cleaning, disinfection and drying equipment for hands, boots and shoe soles – which meets the needs of industrial companies as well as SMEs. To protect hygiene-sensitive areas from contamination, several functions are integrated into a foolproof compact hygiene sluice wherever personal hygiene measures are compulsory.

The check-in station from the HD series couples a turnstile with ­components for sensor-controlled hand-cleaning, drying and disinfection with a cleaning module for shoe soles. In the hand-cleaning area, soap must first be taken from the foolproof two-hand soap dispenser to start the water flow. Then, the high-speed dryer dries the hands in about ten seconds. It is activated after the sensor detects the hands in the dryer. Subsequently, both hands must be disinfected before the turnstile allows access. Parallel to this, the shoes soles are cleaned and disinfected by rotating brushes in the integrated continuous cleaning machine. The electric hand dryer can be replaced by a paper towel dispenser with wastebasket. All functions of this model are also available as individual components and can be used in small businesses.

In large companies, many people must pass through hygiene sluices promptly at shift changes, requiring individual planning of the number and arrangement of components in the room. To guarantee a quick and safe process, a centrally located and foolproof soap dispenser with turnstile are recommended. Several employees can then clean and dry their hands at the wash stations located beyond the turnstile. After two-hand disinfection and sole cleaning in separate compact hygiene sluices, another turnstile allows access.

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