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No compromises in cut

Essential requirements for new grinding, cutting and mixing machines include obtaining a clearly defined cut, gentle handling of the raw material and high performance. This article provides information on a number of systems on the market.

Butchers who offer high-quality meats and sausages are always ahead of the competition. This begins with meat quality - but by no means ends with processing technology. When butchers use equipment that guarantees clearly structured slices and high performance in all cutting, grinding and mixing tasks, they have already taken a great step in the right direction. When these machines are easy to operate, when their containers are fast and simple to empty and thus, easy to clean, meat processors have all prerequisites for perfect production.

To obtain a clearly structured meat cross-section when grinding, careful and gentle handling of the very sensitive raw material - meat - is enormously important. Both grinding and mixing must take place as rapidly as possible to maintain the desired product structure and binding characteristics as well as to prevent moisture and fat from escaping. When grinding, the mechanical pressure on the meat must not be too great, otherwise its structure could be destroyed. Clean cuts are also a requirement for an even grain, and thus, high quality. In this regard, butchers should not make any compromises.

The machines - which are almost all manufactured of stainless steel - have a long service life and offer optimal hygiene. One tip: when looking for a machine, make sure that it does not have any screwed on or flanged machine parts under which fat or proteins could collect. In addition, cleaning water should be able to run off completely and leave no deposits. Quiet operation as well as low-maintenance and service-friendly construction are also important criteria for selecting a machine. It is likewise advantageous when the machine is mobile and can be moved to other machines and unproblematically loaded.

Flexibility is also important. Universal grinders can handle fresh as well as frozen meat without any problem. Combination machines that include both grinders and mixers shorten the work process because no premixing in an external mixer is needed. Machines that integrate grinding and separating into the filling and portioning processes are also available.

Such combination machines must also be flexible in regard to the various raw materials they are used with. Depending on the desired products, they must either intensively mix or gently emulsify the product. Some machines are so flexible that they can mix meat, fish and deli salads as well as mixtures for raw sausage, boiled sausage, meatball and kebab; on the other hand, they can also be used for marinating and seasoning tasks as well.

In the following article, Die Fleischerei presents grinders, cutters and mixers as well as combination devices from various manufacturers.

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