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K+G Wetter (Biedenkopf-Breidenstein, Germany) mixer-grinders allow meat producing companies to pre-mix and then grind products. Combining the grinding and mixing process eliminates the need for pre-mixing the material in a separate mixer. In the new MW U 200 automatic mixer-grinder, the manufacturer uses a completely new technology. The separation of the mixing and grinding units prevents “dead spots” in the delivery area between the mixing area and the processing worm, where unmixed material could persist. Depending on the batch size, this could be as much as 15 kg that were neither previously ground without mixing nor introduced into a new mixing cycle. The entire mixture is mixed into a homogeneous mass of consistent quality. Only then is the mixture emptied into the grinding part of the machine through two large discharge openings. The mixing hopper is completely and quickly emptied. In addition, the feed screw has been completely redesigned. Instead of turning in only one direction, as usual, the mixture is transported from both sides to the centrally located processing worm.

The electrical components as well as the hydraulic unit are completely integrated into the stainless steel housed, completely closed machine stand. There are no difficult-to-clean control cabinets on the wall or cable bundles. One cable is sufficient to connect the machine and to put it into operation. For cleaning purposes, the feed screw can be removed easily and with no tools. A cleaning ­platform together with an optionally available cleaning and transport cart facilitate daily cleaning. No hydraulic or pneumatic components are located in the product area. The new U 200 mixer-grinder has numerous applications: mixing and grinding meat and cheese, producing kebabs and hamburgers, use in meat standardization as well as raw sausage production. The gentle delivery of materials as well as the reduction of mechanical product loads enable sensitive substances to be processed.

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