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Energy efficiency, stepless drive, flushing sequence – the new Blizzard 50 L, 70 L and 130 L cutter series equipment made by Düker-Rex (Laufach, Germany) meet high standards. Their closed, stainless-steel body makes them perfect for meeting demanding hygiene requirements. All of the company’s bowl cutters can be cleaned quickly and easily. The rinsing process offers easy, residue-free emptying of the bowl.

Düker-Rex specializes in individual solutions for butchers. The new Blizzard series is a perfect example. It has a six and/or three knife head, a knife shaft with variable cutting speed, stepless adjustment via potentiometer, cuts from 50 to 5,000 revolutions per minute, features forward and reverse mixing from 50 to 500 revolutions per minute, three cutter bowl speeds, temperature and bowl cut-off, digital display for the bowl as well as the temperature and knife shaft, a free-running stainless-steel cutter bowl with a drain, swiveling metal feet, film keyboard controls that are built into the machine stand, and an easy-to-lift protective hood.

For the 70 L and 130 L models, the ejector is optional and can be swung in and out by hand. The 70 L and 130 L models are also available in the “Perfect-Cut” version with touchscreen.

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