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New hybrid air-circulator

The Kerres (Backnang, Germany) product assortment ranges from the CS 350 combination cabinet – the smallest universal units with a capacity of up to 50 kg, designed for small meat production companies, caterers or agricultural self-producer – to its large industrial unit for drying, smoking and cooking.

The newly developed hybrid air circulation system for universal smoking, cooking and baking systems allow the user to direct the circulating air vertically and horizontally for each process. Thus, they achieve faster processing times, higher output, less weight loss and more uniformity with greater trolley loads, according to the manufacturer. They also save more energy. Sausages can either be hung or laid on the smoke trolleys. For example, up to 38 layers of beef jerky or horizontal mini salamis can be evenly treated.

The Kerres combi-chamber 1600 is suitable for drying, smoking, cooking, hot air cooking, frying and showering. The device is driven by smoke trolleys and is easy to operate. Microprocessor technology enables automatic control. According to the manufacturer, the smoked air circulation system ensures low weight loss. In addition, either integrated or separate smoke generation is possible.

Kerres air conditioners automatically and gently treat meat, fish, cheese and sausage products. The natural flavors, appearance and colors of the foodstuffs are retained due to the uniform product ripening process. This is ensured by technology that controls the maturing process precisely and in accordance with product needs. Flexible sizes from one to 150 trolleys can be accommodated as well as all common types of heating and coolants.

The company has also developed a floor-mounted air conditioning unit for controlled and monitored ripening of salami, air-dried sausage and raw ham. It ensures the perfect climate in small rooms. The device is suitable for rooms from 3 to 15 m2 for maturing, post-maturing, drying and storage of all raw sausage and raw cured products.

The unit takes up about one cubic meter of space and can produce a constant climate of between twelve and 26 °C with a humidity of 74 to 90 percent in suitable, insulated rooms. The unit can be connected to existing compound cooling systems or to an external cooling unit. All common coolants can be used.

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