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Multitalents make cooking easier

Today, butcher shops without combi-equipment that steams, smokes, roasts and bakes would be unthinkable. These units help make the convenience food segment profitable and stress-free. Die Fleischerei presents a selection of these multitalents in this article.

Almost every specialty butcher shop offers small meals that can either be eaten on the spot or taken out. Pork roast, schnitzel and other meat dishes as well as noodles, potatoes and even baked goods are often found. Sales of meats and sausages - especially around noontime - are virtually secondary. But production of convenience food is expensive.

To ensure that the added effort of such meal production remains profitable, modern combi-equipment simplifies the workday. It offers professional support for preparation of meals by integrating many functions, including smoking, baking, roasting, steaming and cooking. Only such equipment can simultaneously prepare or enhance meat, fish and grain products. These units can handle even the most advanced cooking methods such as low-temperature cooking, cook & hold, delta-t cooking and regeneration. Even very different dishes with different cooking times can be prepared in one unit.

These universal multitalents are available in the most varied models and sizes - and because of their slim measurements, some of them even fit in the smallest kitchens. In addition to built-in equipment for industrial requirements, mobile devices for catering and party service are also available.

Combi-equipment with intelligent controls regulates the smoking and cooking processes with complete precision, thus shortening cooking times by up to 25 percent. These units also feature connectivity and can be easily programmed and controlled via PC.

All manufacturers make sure that their models are simple and safe to use. Thanks to program selection via self-explanatory icons, even semi-skilled employees can prepare high-quality foods. Self-cleaning systems dose cleaning and liquid rinsing agents and thus work very economically. In addition, they provide optimal protection because operators no longer come into contact with the cleaning agents.

Die Fleischerei presents various combi-models for smoking, cooking, and baking.

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