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More than just packaging

Constructed of various materials, all with differing properties, artificial casings have become indispensable in the meat products industry. And furnished with various additional benefits, they simplify sausage production.

Artificial casings facilitate the creation of a wide variety of products due to their many shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of synthetics, viscose, fibers or textiles, and may have additional features. Net casings from knitted textiles with an integrated netting structure round out the diverse array of offers. Artificial casings play an important role for many foods. In addition to meats, sausages and cheese, they are now even used to package soups, goulash or side dishes such as sauerkraut.

Artificial casings give shape to products and protect them against contamination by micro-organisms and foreign bodies or aroma loss. Their characteristics resemble those of their natural models. They are stretchy, smokable, and oxygen- and steam-permeable. In addition, they often look deceptively like natural casings. Furthermore, artificial casings offer advantages that natural product cannot provide. They have flexible caliber sizes, are tear resistant as well as true to caliber, and can be stored easily and for long periods. They are easy to use and promise product and production safety.

Thanks to their additional benefits, these versatile casings offer enormous added value in the production of meat products. They transfer color, smoke or even spices directly from the casing to the product surface. This saves entire production steps and the associated costs. It also increases product safety: after filling, the meat only goes through one additional process step and remains in the casing until it is peeled or unpacked and sliced.

Artificial sausage casings are also ideal image boosters and advertising vehicles thanks to the to the wide range of printing options they offer and their attractive appearance. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents several artificial casing manufacturers.

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