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More profit with perfect cuts

Slicing, cubing and portioning meat and sausage is one of the core tasks of meat processing companies. It involves making perfect cuts of meat for the service or self-service sales counters as well as cutting larger fresh or frozen meat parts for further processing.

The demands on cutting machines are constantly increasing. One essential feature is the flexibility to cut raw materials of varied consistencies. They must also be able to cut soft material like boiled sausage just as cleanly as fresh bone-in or boneless meat like schnitzel or cutlet, as well as firmer raw or smoked products – from salami to raw ham.

In addition to a clean cut, other important requirements include cutting speed and the weight accuracy of slices or portions. These are vital features of cost-efficient systems. The same applies to cutting remainders that cannot be sold and should thus be minimized.

To process large quantities, cutting machines must be line-capable in every respect. This is important for the coordination and networking with downstream packaging systems, X-ray scanners and conveyor belts. The entire production line with the individual modules and components must also be centrally controllable. The reliability and robustness of a cutting machine is therefore an important prerequisite for uninterrupted production and thus, great profitability.

Other equipment characteristics that can make the difference are the quality of the materials used, which significantly determines the service life of a system, and the optimum machine design as regards hygiene, which enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

In the following article, Die ­Fleischerei provides information about cutting machines, their application possibilities and performance features.

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