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Modular dosing and packaging

The dosing solutions from Handtmann (Biberach, Germany) are modular and flexibly configurable. The VDM solution is an automatic dosing process that consists of a Handtmann vacuum filler, a filling flow divider and the VDM dosing system. The modular dosing system can be integrated into different packaging lines and switch between two or more packaging lines. Numerous adaptations are available for the respective packaging machine types, such as thermoformers, tray sealers, or lines for trays, cups, cans, and glass jars. A unique selling point of the VDM dosing system is its servo-driven lifting and lowering device. Different versions of the dosing heads are available as well as numerous variations such as blow-out and/or cutting functions. This multi-lane dosing solution is ideally suited for soft, pasty masses, for solid yet still viscous masses, as well as for thin to very solid, less viscous masses. But no matter what the product, the vane cell conveyor system with integrated weight compensation in the vacuum filler and the servo-driven filling flow divider ensure a constant product flow.

The 85-3 dosing valve for industrial and serial dosing offers various functionalities in addition to the expected quality and hygiene standards (the ejection pistons are made of FDA-compliant, detectable material). For one, the ejection speed of the dosing piston can be controlled. For another, a double stroke function is available. The option of using three different ejection pistons is also available. In addition, there are two variants with additional cutting functions that allow even sensitive products to be gently dosed.

Thanks to the vane cell conveyor system in the vacuum filler, liquid or hot masses or products with inserts and large pieces can be dosed with high weight accuracy.

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