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Mobile lifter for packaging

The ezzLIFTmaster mobile lifting aid from Best Handling (Heuchelheim, Germany) is ideal whenever objects need to be lifted and transported over a limited distance. The manufacturer cites easy handling, safe pick-up and deposit of the material, and good maneuverability as advantages.

When loading packaging machines, at least two packaging materials are required: the bottom film, which may be thermoformed, and the top film. These films are either placed from rolls on the side, on fixed mandrels of the packaging machine, or loaded with a mandrel and deposited in the fork-shaped loading device of the packaging machine.

The rollers, which weigh up to 500 kilograms, can be easily and quickly moved and lifted with the ezzLIFTmaster. Machine mandrels are best loaded with a reel turner, which grips the core, turns the reel and lifts it in front of the mandrel, where it can be pushed into the machine. For loose mandrels, either an external gripper or a reel turner with additional trolley is suitable.

The same reel turner can be used for reel cores from 70 to 76, and 152-millimeter diameters. The lifting aids can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and CIP-compatible. The roll-lifting aid is also suitable for changing thermoforming tools due to its gripper quick-change system. Special versions are available for heavy loads.

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