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MAP gases

Freshline gases from Air Products (Hattingen, Germany) are used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), that is, packaging under a protective gas atmosphere. In this process, the normal ambient air in the packaging is replaced by a modified atmosphere.

The manufacturer’s Freshline Superfresh is a process that enables food manufacturers and retailers to improve the shelf life and quality of food products in refrigerated counters. The process combines cryogenic freezing and packaging in a protective gas atmosphere, which can effectively slow frozen products from spoiling after thawing. This means that frozen and subsequently thawed food can be offered with a quality, appearance, and shelf life comparable to that of a chilled MAP product – while retaining its taste and texture. In some cases, tests even show that products treated with this method have a longer shelf life in the shop than products treated with traditional MAP methods.

The newest development from Air Products is its Fresh-line-Aroma-MAP system. This nebulizes natural or essential oils into the gas stream during MAP packaging with no additional production step and flavors the protective gas. By naturally enhancing the fragrance and aroma of packaged foods, the system aims to enhance customers’ sensory experience and influence their future shopping behavior. Essential oils can also extend shelf life.

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