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Low energy consumption

Since early 2011, Kitzinger (Handewitt-Flensburg, Germany) has included a smoke cart cleaner that it calls “Contirack”. The carts to be washed are placed on a turntable with a diameter of 1,600 mm and then washed by special self-cleaning “cross-flow jets” with a separate geared motor. The combination round-hole jets that constantly change angles combined with the counter-rotating goods to be washed results in first-class cleaning results as well as low energy use by the wash pump, according to the manufacturer.

Here as well, Kitzinger’s double-walled machine housing construction ensures low energy consumption and minimal noise development. In addition to smoke carts, the cleaner’s dual drive thoroughly cleans pallets, large standing containers as well as all types of forms and other devices loaded in special carts.

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