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Tipper Tie Inc. (Apex, North Carolina, USA) is introducing the TN4200 whole-muscle packaging system. The machine draws from the proven technology base of the company’s successful TN4001, adding new, dynamic features designed to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The machine’s 812 mm breech enables it to handle larger and longer whole-muscle products, like boneless hams, loins, steaks and whole-muscle deli slices. The servo-powered breech - another system enhancement - presses large products and changes their shape to fit the horn. Compression creates immediate processing benefits, producing more uniform shapes so that products cook evenly throughout and more consistent diameters, maximising slicing yields.

Packaging costs can be positively affected as well. The casing horn of the TN4200 is the same length as the breech, enabling the machine to run perforated shirred casings, roll stock films or nets. Material savings will also play heavily in the machine’s payback period. The tail length on every package is cut at precisely 18.9 mm. Every millimetre more adds cost to the product.

According to the manufacturer, the TN4200 is the first and only whole-muscle packaging system with a servo-driven pushing unit. It is very fast acting, provides a high degree of control and product consistency and reduces overall maintenance costs. Other important system distinctions are three critical process phases - initial push, main travel and final push. Each phase can be programmed to the requirements of the application, meaning that their speeds and motions can be precisely controlled and continuously repeated. With a single operator, the TN4200 is able to package six to eight pieces per minute.

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