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Lifter relieves back pain

Seydelmann (Stuttgart, Germany) is consistently striving to transfer all the advantages of its industrial machines to its smaller machines to make sausage production as efficient and ergonomic as possible even for individual producers. The company has already achieved this with its vacuum cutters. Because the cutting process takes place under exclusion of air, the whipped cream effect does not occur, and the volume does not increase. In short, this helps butchers save money for auxiliary materials and spices as well as for casings or tins, since the volume is smaller for the same filling weight.

A new lifter now improves machine ergonomics. It is designed for all common Euronorm meat crates (E1, E2, E3) and has additional equipment for cutters and grinders. Containers are stacked on a trolley and moved into the lifter. Activating the knee switch on the cutter or the push button on the grinder successively lifts the crates to working height. The lifting height corresponds to the box height and can be individually adjusted. After reactivation, the lifting device continues to rise so that the next crate can be removed comfortably at working height.

This fundamentally improves ergonomics for the operator. The full, heavy meat boxes can be fed into the machine by an operator who stands upright with a straight back. This method also saves time. As soon as all the boxes have been emptied, the lifter is lowered and the next stack inserted. After the lifter is no longer needed, the carriage support can be folded up. This locks it in position and keeps the space in front of the machine free.

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