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Large and small all-rounders

Modern cooking kettles can do more than simply cook. Thanks to their flexibility, they are indispensable helpers with the daily tasks in a butcher shop. This article discusses cooking kettles from various manufacturers and presents the performance features of the systems.

Whether round or square, with small or large capacities – cooking kettles are true all-rounders in gastronomic kitchens. They can cook, roast, braise, stew, fry, mix, seal and even cool.

Although their performance spectrum is so versatile, the systems are easy to operate thanks to modern microprocessor controls. Process durations as well as operating and core temperatures can be optimally adjusted to the respective product with just a few keystrokes. Ultimately, gentle processing is required to maintain the quality, color and aroma of raw materials during cooking, cooking and steaming. Intelligent controllers record cooking temperatures and times during the cooking process. The data are then transmitted to an external data recorder by a built-in infrared interface. They can be retrieved and archived on a PC, making them subsequently available at any time. Nowadays, energy consumption plays an important role, as it can enable butchers to save significant costs. When selecting a new system, butchers should thus pay particular attention to this factor. Cooking kettle manufacturers try to reduce energy consumption as much as possible through good insulation as well as short heat-up and long retention times. Butchers can choose between electric, oil, steam or gas heating systems. Manufacturers are also flexible when it comes to the capacity of the round or rectangular boilers, which extends from 200 l to 1,500 l.

Optimum hygiene and easy cleaning should be a matter of course. Smooth surfaces without recesses and easy-to-clean corners are a must.

Die Fleischerei presents cooking kettle systems made by a number of manufacturers.

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