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Labeling cylindrical products

For marking cylindrical products, Dalektron (Dreieich, Germany) has developed its own special machine construction, the RHE series. It labels cans and jars in the twinkling of an eye: place the container in the RHE 500/600/700 holder, lightly press the lever – that’s it. The robust metal housing of the printer is easy to clean, suitable for any working environment and meets even the highest HACCP requirements.

The RHE series has been designed for easy integration into any manual workstation. The labels are evenly applied to the container with a pressure roller. Different sizes are quickly and individually adjustable and can be used for container lengths between 20 and 110 mm.

Labels must no longer be printed in advance. Products can be labeled within a few moments without any lead time. If batch numbers, MHDs, recipes, or even food laws change, labels can be adapted immediately. Customized individual labeling for special occasions or campaigns is just as possible as labeling deliveries to consumer markets.

The fully automatic RHE 6000 is designed for larger production quantities and can be extended with feeding and collecting plates. It can label up to approximately 2,500 products per hour.

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