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ISEGA-compliant labeling

Felga Etiketten (Bad Zwischenahn, Germany) offers loop labels for E2 boxes in various sizes and colors as well as meat inserts. The labels comply with all legal requirements and thanks to ISEGA certification, may come into direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs.

The loop labels are made of robust and food-safe HDPE or Polyart plastics (white or colored). To attach the label to the transport box, it is simply pulled through the loop of the keyhole punching. The loop labels are available on 26 × 5 cm, 30 × 5 cm or 27.35 × 5.9 cm rolls as well as in custom sizes. By request, the loop labels are also available bundled instead of on rolls. They can be purchased either blank or pre-printed.

Meat inlays are sealed together with a food item in a bag. This make it particularly important for these labels to be food safe. Felga produces the meat inserts in rolls of 76 mm × 200 mm in white, with other sizes available on request.

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