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Whether it’s traditional specialties or trendy products – a suitable casing stylishly presents meat products and gives them a decorative appearance. Under the umbrella of Frutarom Savory Solutions (Salzburg, Austria), the Austrian brand Wiberg offers a complete range of functional, individually designable sausage casings as well as spiced casings with classic and international flavors.

Successful butchers offer a well-balanced mixture of classic and regional ham specialties as well as international meat products such as pastrami. Pastrami was originally brought to the USA by Eastern European immigrants, where it began its triumphal advance as a sandwich topping. The distinctive flavors of pepper, paprika, garlic and coriander make this type of beef an interesting change on a platter of cold cuts.

Wiberg offers the right recipe for an authentic taste for many international specialties. Only two products are needed for an original pastrami: Combi Schiadit Super gives the ham a pleasantly mild and meaty flavor; subsequent casing in the  Deco Quick Pastrami film gives it smoky and peppery notes.

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