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Intense smoky flavor

Even the best meat and sausage products would only be half as tasty without the right seasoning. After all, what would a Debrecziner be without its fine paprika aroma, or a meat loaf without the typical roasted onion note? Whether as a taste intensifier, seasoning or smoke aroma – the versatile Wiberg additives from FAS (Frut­arom Savory Solutions) (Salzburg, Austria) lend meat products a special taste.

No smoking is necessary for the Wiberg Fumaro Kirsch smoke aroma. As a highly soluble brine additive it is suitable for juicy BBQ products and cooked cured products even in small doses, and gives off a mild, smoky and fruity flavor at the same time.

“Hickory-Rauch Flüssig” is a product of the Nesse brand. It is ideal for the external treatment of sausages and meat products and – due to its water solubility – for brines. It exudes an aroma of North American and East Asian hickory woods, making it particularly popular for US barbecues. Nesse also makes “Hickory-Rauch Flüssig Öllöslich” – an oil-soluble liquid hickory smoke. This aroma is extracted from freshly developed smoke from natural woods. It is primarily used in oil-based recipes for meat products, canned fish, snacks, spice mixtures and marinades.

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