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Integrated grinding

Handtmann (Biberach, Germany) offers filler-grinding technology that allows all cost-oriented raw sausage producers to optimize their processes. Grinding to the desired end grain during filling results in fewer process steps. Coarse pre-grinding or shorter cutter running times ensure better product handling. The Handtmann vane cell feed system efficiently evacuates the coarsely pre-cut product after processing. This significantly reduces the remaining air content. This is an essential advantage for the product quality because it increases shelf-life and color stability; the product has a compact structure, according to the manufacturer.

The decisive factor is the grinder system itself. The vane cell feed system carries the product with constant pressure and without backwash into the grinding head and on the hole plate. Regular, consistent pressure on the entire surface of the hole plate enables a clean cut by the ring knife without swirling. It also prevents abrasion and smearing. Two independent drives for the feed system and knife shaft, which are perfectly synchronized via the monitor control, offer individual adaptation to the high requirements that raw sausage manufacturers place on particle definition. The cutting size can be adjusted to the finest degree. Handtmann works with the standard feed system for all products regardless of the cutting size of the perforated disk. The result of this is that no exchange of expensive feed system parts is necessary, which saves costs. Standard commercial blade sets are used as well. For products that must be separated, the manufacturer offers the electronically controlled separating system, which enables individual separating intervals. Hard pieces are efficiently removed. This ensures weight accuracy regardless of the production speed.

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