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Instantaneously dry hands

The “Handdryer 2” from Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik (Unna, Germany) was functionally improved in 2011 and dries both hands in less than ten seconds. This compact stainless steel high-speed dryer can be easily mounted and electrically connected. Because its air speed and temperature are preset in the factory, it is immediately ready to go. As soon as the sensors have optically recognized the hands, the powerful air jet is activated. To rule out contamination of users and the surroundings through spray, the new version suctionss all water blown off during the drying process into the device itself by directing it to a grating at the bottom where it is disposed of via the drain. If no water line is available, the runoff can be collected in an optionally available receptacle.

To protect hygiene-sensitive areas from contamination, Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik has also developed its new “EK 400 WRT” entrance control device. It couples three components for hand-cleaning, -drying and
-disinfection with a turnstile and can optionally be furnished with various components for boot and sole cleaning. In the sensor-controlled, contactless wash area, the automatic soap dispenser mixes soap with water for circa two seconds to ensure thorough hand-washing. Subsequently, clear water runs for eight seconds. These times can be individually programmed via a processor control.

In the next step, an automatic high-speed hand-dryer dries the hands hygienically, thoroughly and in an environmentally friendly manner in less than ten seconds. A sensor activates the air jet - whose speed and temperature are pre-set in the factory - only when both hands are optically recognized in the contact area. The turnstile doesn’t open until after both hands have been disinfected. This procedure cannot be circumvented. Without previous withdrawal of the soap-and-water mixture followed by clear water, no hand disinfection is possible and the turnstile remains locked. A multi-functional LED display (stoplight colors) shows the operating status of the device and reports critical levels of disinfectant or liquid soap. If the power fails, the hygiene sluice can be passed through freely.

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