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The multi-purpose dicers of the Cubixx series made by holac (Natt­heim, Germany) ensure performance and quality due to their universal application and compact design. Simple and quick tool changes easily process diced goulash, sliced meat, strips of ham, diced ham or even grated or diced cheese.

Depending on the equipment variants, the products are cut in E2 boxes, 200-liter trolleys or on a discharge conveyor. A mobile discharge conveyor simplifies the removal of the cut products as well as their further processing. For cleaning, all machines can be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in a few easy steps.

In combination with a slicer such as the Sect 230, the user comfortably cuts steaks, chops and bacon slices. The Sect product group especially targets products that need even slicing. These can be fresh meat, loin, schnitzel, bacon, cutlet, steak, roast, sausage, fish or cheese, and can be cooked, fresh, chilled or frozen, boneless or bone-in. The product line reliably delivers precise cuts. The servo-controlled product feed (depending on the model) in connection with the machine controller enables portioning in groups with the same or different slice thicknesses. The specially designed spiral blades ensure a constant cut throughout the process.

Cube, strip and slice cutters from holac show their strengths not only in smaller businesses. The VA and Maxx series are multipurpose cutters that are also suitable for industrial use. According to the manufacturer, they process fresh goods of various temperatures, as well as loose goods or products in block form, without any quality loss.

All holac machines can be equipped with the appropriate conveyor and outfeed belts as well as lift and tilt devices, depending on the equipment. They also feature touch screens. Software updates and other service work can be carried out via USB stick or remote maintenance.

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