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Individual mixtures and marinades

Nubassa (Viernheim, Germany) specializes in individual spice mixtures, marinades and additives. Over 80 different flavors of BBQ-Rubs and spices for roast meats support the typical aroma of meat and vegetable variations. Exotic, fruity, smoky-hot and delicate-spicy mixtures give meat specialties an individual character.

The company’s product range also includes cuisine-specific flavors. These multi-faceted products, adapted to foreign taste preferences, open up new target groups and markets.

Convenience products, such as seasoning sauces, grill and seasoning oils in a wide range of flavors and colors, as well as ready-to-eat products, dressings, breadcrumbs and sauces quickly transform meat, fish and vegetables into sophisticated specialties.

The wide range of Quicksoft marinades – which need no chilling and score points with users because only small amounts must be used – quickly and easily create visually appealing specialties with exceptional optics. In addition, these marinades are produced from sustainably cultivated raw materials and stabilize the shelf life and freshness of the meat products.

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