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Bastra (Arnsberg, Germany) provides both small artisanal as well as industrial-sized companies a broad range of individually configurable universal systems for specific production needs. Environmentally friendly, energy-saving and equipped with future-oriented technology, they guarantee universal, economic use with numerous options such as hot, warm, cold, damp, intensive and fast smoking, reddening, drying, browning, blanching, steaming, simmering, cooking, hot-air simmering, semi-preserving, baking, roasting and thawing.

The available smoke generators for sawdust, friction or liquid smoke can either be installed in the door or placed outside as independent aggregates. Two different smoke generation procedures in one device give users the option of enhancing products either traditionally or with liquid smoke in combination with a traditional process. All commonly used heating systems are available (electric, gas, oil as well as high-pressure steam).

The Bastra TS 800 and GPTec 500 control systems optimally guarantee moisture regulation as well as reliable control of circulating air, temperature and moisture. The optionally available “View & Control” visualization software, which is installed on a PC, documents all process data.

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