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Independent drives, more efficiency

The newly developed DualSlicer from GEA Food Solutions (Kempten, Germany) increases efficiency and yield in automated slicing and packaging lines, according to information from the company. With respect to speed and size, the new slicer is similar to the tried and tested model GEA MegaSlicer but, as a special feature, offers two independently controlled drives. This means that two products can be fed to the blade independently and that slice thickness can be individually controlled. This process ensures accurate portioning, meaning optimal product yield and a high rate of on-weight portions. Two other new technical features also contribute to increased efficiency. An automatically adjustable rotor head makes it possible to quickly switch between the various slicing positions required for certain applications. According to information from the manufacturer, the three-stage portioning conveyor, another newly developed feature, guarantees the fast removal of sliced portions from the slicer.

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