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In-house blade development

Weber Maschinenbau (Breidenbach, Germany) offers custom line solutions for individual requirements, both for the entry-level and high-performance ranges. The company’s complete, one-stop solutions for sliced meat production and packaging range from product preparation to tested primary packaging. This allows Weber to take the integration of slicers, automation, packaging and end-of-line equipment to the next level and avoid interfaces. According to the manufacturer, its slicer portfolio is as diverse as are customers’ requirements. The Weber S6 Slicer, for example, is a high-performance machine for effective and precise slicing of many products. Whether it’s 2-fold raw ham, 2-fold French cooked ham or 4-fold roast, the slicer achieves the best results in terms of quality, precision and efficiency.

Features such as the quadruple lane-independent interleaver contribute to this. Combined with the corresponding track-related drives in the infeed, products are individually guided to the cutting edge so that incomplete portions can be filled, interleaved and transported downstream as required. Optimal guidance of the blanks to the blade achieves the highest slicing quality, even in difficult applications. As the heart of the slicers, the sickle and circular blades are developed and manufactured in-house at Weber and marketed worldwide under the Durablade trade name. A clear advantage of this is that the blade and slicer know-how come from one source and are thus coordinated with each other. For example, when processing French cooked ham, well-known quality issues such as wedged, folded and torn slices are no longer an issue with the right blade. Using the right blade not only reduces the time and personnel required to rework the portions in the insertion area before packaging, but also offers savings potential in terms of cooling energy and costs. Weber has developed a new blade system for the S6 as well as for deep-frozen, extremely hard products: The “Durablade Performance” blade in a specially developed cutter head, which features a much lower weight, is much stabler and guarantees precise cutting technology.

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