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Identifying leaky packages

The Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV (Freising, Germany) offers innovations in recyclable packaging plus new products in the areas of automation and assistance for safe processes. The intelligent Pack Peel Scan measuring device was developed by the Processing Technology Division in Dresden. It enables the standards-compliant measurement of the opening forces of thermoformed, peelable packages and ensures rapid identification of leaky packages.

Fraunhofer’s packaging and recycling experts tailor packaging to the respective product requirements. They develop specific barrier concepts, evaluate the machine compatibility of recyclable packaging materials, and show how its own CreaSolv-Process enables the clean separation of plastic composites.

The operator assistance system integrated in Pack Peel Scan uses artificial intelligence to detect weak points in the sealing seams of peelable packaging and analyze their causes. Even during the packaging process, deviations such as folds or impurities in sealed seams can be quickly and reliably identified. Defective products can be sorted out and process parameters specifically adjusted. The Pack Peel Scan user interface (HMI) was developed with a new approach for providing task-oriented information.

The further development of the Mobile Cleaning Device involves equipment with an innovative multi-sensor system for the adaptive cleaning of production rooms and hygiene areas. The self-propelled robot can now orient itself better even under difficult conditions such as spray cleaning or misting. It can be used in the entire production area. The control software has a digital twin that aligns the web planning precisely to the degree of contamination and ensures continuous cleaning documentation.

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