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Hygienic through and through

The highest quality, hygiene and safety in the meat industry requires dense, resistant industrial floors that offer lasting protection against thermal, chemical and mechanical stress and give germs no opportunity to get a foothold.

For over 40 years, the strong, lasting Ucrete surface protection system made by BASF Construction Chemicals Europe has reliably fulfilled these requirements, thus creating the right foundation for hygienic workflows and first-class products.

A combination of cement and polyurethane resin ensures a seamless and waterproof surface that convinces for many reasons, according to the manufacturer: germs and bacteria cannot hide on Ucrete surfaces. At the same time, the floor dries completely in a very short time so that no damp niches develop in which pathogens and other undesirable microorganisms could grow. These features, in combination with the extreme durability against chemicals and hot steam, make Ucrete just as easy to clean as stainless steel.

Tests by independent institutes prove the reduced germ development. The Biotecon Diagnostics test institute in Potsdam, Germany, for example, investigated the disinfection characteristics and contamination situation of Ucrete and found a significant reduction of the number of germs. Ucrete floors also have a long service life of at least 20 years and offer an outstanding basis for a germ-free working environment, especially in the meat industry, according to the manufacturer.

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