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Hygienic, strong floors

Good flooring is especially important for maintaining excellent hygiene in the food-processing industry. Just like machines and work surfaces, they must also be in perfect hygienic condition. The requirement for this is that they are easy to clean and - whenever required - disinfect. In addition, they must be waterproof, water-repellent and made of physiologically harmless material. Frequently, a drainage system is also needed for use with flooring. In order to prevent dirty corners, EU ordinance 852/2004, which went into effect in January 2006, requires flooring that is as seamless as possible, concave molding and seamless transitions to walls. These requirements essentially determine the choice and characteristics of flooring. The selection of the material used must also take into account such factors as stress from cleaning and disinfectant solutions, hot water or mechanical stress by transport carts or steel containers. In addition, grease and water films also cause substantial danger of slippage in food-processing companies. This makes it necessary to look for a defined degree of slip-resistance. So-called slip-resistance levels indicate the degree of surface roughness. Wet areas in slaughterhouses, for example, are considered to be dangerous in regard to slippage, and standards for such areas are given the R 13 slip resistance level.

According to the company, floor coatings from reactive resins made by Silikal (Mainhausen, Germany) make a major contribution to hygienic and safe working conditions. As high-quality, seamless flooring systems, they are fine-tuned precisely to the demands of various branches. According to the manufacturer, they are resistant to many chemicals used in the food industry. They also inhibit mold and bacteria formation and are resistant to heat and pressure. In addition, they are easy to clean and disinfect, thus ensuring a sterile and clean environment. Last but not least, these floors prove themselves through their reliable slip-resistance characteristics - due among other things to the use of colored quartz particles - that also give the flooring an attractive appearance. Concave moldings as a floor-wall connection simplify daily cleaning as well.

Silikal’s floor coating processes with physiologically harmless methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins are extremely fast: after as little as one hour, the floors can be used in all production areas once again.

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