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Hygienic food waste disposal

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is determined to abolish food waste around the world. According to their figures, 30 percent of food produced globally ends up in the rubbish bin. Although the restaurant and catering sector is endeavouring to tackle this problem, the path to a significant reduction in food waste may still be a long one.

Meiko Maschinenbau (Offenburg, Germany) offers the new and compact WasteStar system CC (Compact Configuration) for hygienic food waste disposal and helps to create more sensible handling of food wastes.

Meiko products feature an enclosed system that always ensures food waste management that keeps pace with the times. This means that what has to be removed from dishes before the rinsing step must be treated as a raw material. “Leftovers are valuable, they are pure energy, and when they no longer actually fulfil their true purpose, namely to feed humans, we can minimise waste considerably by using these wastes to generate energy in biogas plants,” said Thomas Loos, Head of Product Management at Meiko, who also sees an extension of value adding.

The WasteStar CC food waste plant, which can be integrated into existing systems, stands out mostly because of its minimal space requirements resulting from its compact design and because it reliably prevents odour formation – with no need for waste water or fresh water supply or even cooling. “We have created a stand-alone solution that can be integrated into any existing infrastructure,” said Mr Loos.

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