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Hygiene in the ripening room

Ripening rooms where the climatic conditions favor the growth of desired and undesired microbes may end up with unwanted mold or yeast spores. Airborne germs, which find especially good growth conditions in humid and warm places, can spread and continuously contaminate surfaces and products.

Various specialty suppliers of smoked meat, bacon or sausages thus rely on the D-series from sterilAir (Weinfelden, Switzerland). According to the manufacturer, this series is an alternative and environmentally friendly solution that controls unwanted microbes in ripening rooms – without leaving any residue, and without cold or steam misting. The experts for UVC disinfection provide versatile options tailored to the respective need. Following a precise situation analysis, an individual hygiene concept is developed. If desired, various germ measurements can be made before and after implementation to monitor the results.

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