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High-tech for small batches

Bowl cutters are part of a butcher’s basic equipment. They ensure good emulsions and great sausage quality. But modern cutters for smaller producers have long been able to do more than just cut and mix. With their optimized hygienic construction design, they are easily comparable to high-tech industrial equipment.

Instead of bowl volumes of over 1,000 l, 50 or 150 l are often enough for smaller batches in the small production sector. However, clean grinding plus fine, homogeneous emulsions and gentle mixing of spices are also crucial. Fast batch changes are required to enable the typical product variety that smaller meat production facilities offer – boiled sausage, cooked sausage etc. This, in turn, requires robust and durable equipment.

Manufacturers of bowl cutters have now transferred many previously exclusive performance features to their basic models, including vacuum cutting (which prevents meat proteins from foaming), better noise protection and ergonomics, or software updates for control and recipe management.

In addition to operational factors such as the available space and production quantity, qualitative functions should play a major role when purchasing such machinery. These may include variably adjustable bowl and knife shaft speeds, energy efficiency, accident prevention measures, electronic storage of production processes or easier cleaning thanks to stainless steel construction, avoidance of “dead corners” in the bowl cutter and sloping surfaces for the discharge of (cleaning) fluids.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a selection of current bowl cutter as well as additional solutions that can help smaller businesses improve their production processes.

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