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High-tech for large batches

Cutting mixers process meat, fat, other ingredients and water to a homogeneous mass with high binding properties and the desired degree of fineness. How well this is achieved depends not only on the quality of the raw materials, but above all on the performance characteristics of the machine used.

The efficiency of a cutting mixer results from the sum of its individual technical features. These include, for example, the capacity of the machine (bowl content) and the rotation speed of the bowl and knives. Other vacuum or cooking functions also increase the cutter’s flexibility. Essential quality features of a cutter also consist of technical details like the distance from the knife to the bowl wall or the option of adapting individual parameters of the shredding process to the raw material being processed as well as to the end product.

Finally, the machine’s processing quality, the material it’s made of, its robustness, load capacity, and reliability in continuous operation are fundamental attributes. They contribute to the system’s longevity and the cost-effectiveness of the investment. Obviously, a cutting mixer must be easy to clean due to the high hygiene requirements in the meat industry. Absolutely smooth and sloping surfaces that prevent pools of water are a necessity. This stops the development or multiplication of bacteria and other unwanted germs from the outset.

Manufacturers of cutting mixers must come to terms with the increasing automation in the meat production sector, including of work steps or individual technical systems and machines. These developments offer meat producers advantages like high-quality end products, compliance with hygiene standards and last but not least, more cost-effectiveness. Industrial companies that handle large quantities of raw materials benefit particularly. More automation, consistent product quality, decreasing personnel requirements, lower error rates and comprehensive data recording add up to a higher hourly output. The complete documentation of production processes is also of great significance.

Die Fleischerei presents selected cutters for large companies and describes their performance characteristics.

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