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High-pressure professional cleaning

Kärcher (Winnenden, Germany) is expanding its range of high-pressure professional cleaners with the HD 4/11 C Bp. This battery-powered device can be used independently of the power supply. Thanks to the supplied suction hose, self-sufficient operation is even possible when alternative water sources such as tanks are used.

Two 36-Volt lithium-ion batteries inserted on the top of the device provide the necessary power. An LCD display shows the remaining running time. The energy-saving eco!efficiency mode allows the operator to work for up to 30 minutes on one battery charge. With a working pressure of 110 bar and a delivery rate of up to 400 liters per hour, the cleaning performance of the device – which weighs around 35 kilograms – is on a par with grid-operated high-pressure cleaners of comparable size.

The equipment of the battery-powered device includes the EASY!Force high-pressure gun, which has received several awards for its ergonomic handling. The trigger is pushed into the handle by the ball of the hand. This means the operator has practically no strain after activating the gun. The recoil of the water jet pushes the trigger into the hand, which reduces pressure on the finger muscles and prevents cramps.

The Kärcher Battery Universe has two battery platforms. Both the compact 18-volt batteries and the powerful 36-volt batteries are available in different capacities to cover a wide range of applications. The special feature of these batteries is that they are fully compatible with all Kärcher devices of the same voltage class. A unique selling point of all Kärcher batteries is the LCD display with Real Time Technology, which shows the remaining runtime and charge time in minutes as well as the remaining battery capacity. The battery housings are shock-resistant and protected against dust and water jets in accordance with the IPX5 protection class. According to the manufacturer, the batteries deliver good performance even in intensive applications thanks to efficient temperature management, while intelligent cell monitoring protects against overloading, overheating and deep discharging. If a device is not in operation for a longer period, the processor-controlled, automatic storage mode of the Battery Power batteries ensures a long service life of the cells.

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