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High-pressure hygiene

The Food Service business area of the Niederberger Group (Cologne, Germany) specializes in professional cleaning and disinfection in food industry companies. Niederberger employs only specially trained teams as well as experienced specialists from the food industry, all of whom have the necessary technical know-how to master complex work processes with sophisticated technical devices. After all, knowledge about the many legal requirements creates legal certainty for companies and satisfies the highest hygiene demands in the food production sector.

In addition to cleaning and disinfection, the service portfolio of Niederberger Food Service includes targeted elimination of microorganisms, creation of hygiene plans, maintainable machine cleaning and upkeep, provision of suitable hygiene materials as well as measures for optimizing water and energy consumption. The company ensures that all required regulations of the HACCP, the LMVH and the infection protection law are always strictly complied with.

When cleaning slaughterhouses, for example, the company normally relies on a combination of dry ice jet cleaning, foam cleaning and high-pressure cleaning, although the latter procedure is primarily used for pre-cleaning. In addition, numerous other cleaning methods can be used as needed.

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