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High-pressure cleaning

Kärcher (Winnenden, Germany) recommends its HD 10/15-4 F cold water high-pressure cleaner with brushed stainless steel housing to butcher shops, the food industry, large cafeterias and sanitary areas. The mobile device is suitable for high intake temperatures of up to 85 °C. With up to 145 bar (14.5 MPa) it cleans with up to 1,000 l/hr. Pressure and water amount can be continuously variably regulated with the servo-control unit located on the jet tube. Either low- or high-pressure can be chosen. The jet tube and pistol are 1,055 mm long, are robust and suitable for meeting the high demands of continual use. A stainless steel holder is provided for storing and transporting the tube.

Temperatures of up to 85 °C enable simple removal of even the most stubborn grease. A pre-compression pump compresses the hot incoming water before it enters the cylinder head. This prevents cavity formation and thus, increased material wear. A built-in fine water filter protects against dirt and particles. This ensures the long service life of the air-cooled three-piston axial pump. The solid rubber tires make no marks on floors. The double-ply high-pressure tube, which also leaves no marks, is resistant to animal fats. A hose reel is optionally available.

Two 5-l containers with cleaner can be stowed on the back of the high-pressure cleaner. Precise dosing with a solution of between 0.5 to six percent ensures profitability. If the operator turns off the cleaning fluid influx, the pipes are automatically rinsed with water. Cleaning and disinfection solutions can also be applied as foam in combination with the optionally available “Innofoam” foam lance.

Kärcher’s new RM 731 grease and protein solvent effectively and gently cleans walls, ceilings, floors, work surfaces and machines made of ceramic, tile, stainless steel and synthetics. It can be used equally with hot or cold water and - in keeping with the HD 10/15-4 F - is available in 5 l container sizes.

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