High-power industrial package

The RVF 911 is suitable for industrial use or in large, highly specialized operating units. Rex Technology - © Rex-Technologie

The RVF 911 from Rex-Technologie (Thalgau, Austria) is designed for industrial use in meat processing plants. It is characterized by its filling capacity and is suitable for stand-alone application as well as integration into line solutions with various clipping machines or other attachments.

The smooth-surfaced and hygienically designed machine housing is self-supporting and made of stainless steel. The conveyor, which has been enlarged again in diameter compared to the 400 and 700 series, guarantees portioning accuracy and maximum filling capacity.

The machine is optionally available with a lifting and tilting device for 200- or 300-liter standard lift trucks. The 350-liter hinged hopper allows maximum loading and quick cleaning when changing product types. The machine is designed so that water can independently run out of the conveyor during cleaning.

The feed screw in the hopper supports the feed of all thin or viscous masses from the hopper into the conveying system.

Touchscreen controls are standard. A rotating or rigid casing holder can be attached to simplify twisting off artificial or natural casings. In addition, the RVF 911 can be equipped with the Rex MC 3 filler-grinder.